It might sound like an utopia, but we are dead serious – we want to change the world, one pallet at a time!

We will definitely add an extra value¬†to this project. In fact, we’ve already done that. Lot of design hours, prototyping stages and iterations are behind us. Now, thats’ a value, right!?

We will recycle, reuse, rebuild something out of wood that meant to be thrown away, in some cases; unplanned. We’ll save the environment, save the forests and keep those nice little animals safe in their environments.

We will start a business, pay taxes to our community.

We’ll generate income and create jobs.

Oh yes, we will buy some extra tools and machines so we’ll create income for those guys as well. Its a win-win!

So, are we changing the world? I guess, in a minor percent, yes! One pallet at a time, baby. One pallet at a time.