This is a pallet, right?








And this is tablet. Ok?







For us, pallets are like an unending set of giant Lego-like blocks that we can play with. There are a tremendous number of variations for pallet furniture production, and we did those kinds of combinations during our three years of pallet furniture crafting. A large number of projects are behind us, along with a whole army of satisfied customers cheering us on. Not to mention and few truckloads of pallets that we’ve up-cycled over those three years. And we didn’t stop there. We started thinking of a Pallet Tablet Case.

Pallets are produced for transportation and being used several times after they are thrown away.  After several years of pallet crafting  furniture and all kind of different projects we had an idea of tablet case made out of used pallet wood. Here are some sketchup render after the idea was put on paper (not literally)




And there you have it. is a unique tablet case made out of used pallet wood.